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If you’ve hung around in The Cove lately, you probably came across my new “Crayola haïku” posts. They are inspired by Tourmaline’s blogging challenge, Color Your World – 120 Days of Crayola.

You haven’t seen those posts? Oh, and you’d like to check them out? Well I sure can help you with that! Here is the list of my first attempts…


Crayola haïku: Purple Mountains’ Majesty

Crayola haïku: Vivid Tangerine

Crayola haïku: Tickle Me Pink

Crayola haïku: Midnight Blue

Crayola haïku; Wild Strawberry


I don’t post those everyday, because not every Crayola color-name inspires me… But some of them are the work of an artist, and that deserves a post.

I’ve also wanted for a long time to be able to be the artist behind a color name! I first thought applying for some paint company, or maybe one that makes make up. Unfortunately, I never became a color-namer…

And tonight I thought, “You know what?” which I did, because, I was talking to myself, but I’ll continue for your sake!

So I went “I don’t need a full-time job at Sherwin-Williams, or Maybelline to be happy! Just submitting one of my own creations to Crayola might do the trick!”

And quite frankly, I was ready to give them the name… No fussing around with royalties and the like. Just put my color-name on a crayon, and I’ll be happy!

But! (there is always a but!)

Here’s what awaited me when I started my research to find out who I should send my gift color-name to!


2018-03-16 21_50_16-How can I submit a new product or marketing idea_ FAQ _ crayola

In short, they’re saying that, for everybody’s benefit, it is better that they don’t take ideas, or concepts or suggestions, or tips, or anything like that from people outside the company! Whut??? They want to “avoid misunderstandings”.

Well, there goes my dream.

I am disappointed.

Very much so.

Now I understand how they come up with color-names like “Brown”. “Brown” is what happens when you are not open to new motivated artists with crazy ideas… “Brown” is the color of tenure.

And I just wanted to make the world a better place, my very own way.

Your loss, Crayola. Don’t come running back when your best color-namer can’t come up with anything better than “Grey-Grey”!









39 thoughts on “Disappointed…

      1. Yeah… I can’t win everytime! LOL Denmark wished me a happy birthday… Crayola can stick to their “rules”(or even stick them… well, you get it) … I still have DK 😛

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Aww. You know what’s funny? I’ve landed on that page before! lol

    Have you ever used OPI nail polish? They have the best names… like “My Vampire Is Buff” and “Tickle My France-y” and “I’m Not Really a Waitress”… 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. LOL did you also want to try to submit a color-name of your own??

      Make up companies have very creative people in the color-naming department… I am silly, I’ve bought some lip glosses and nail polish bottles just because of the name more than once! LOL I guess that proves that their work is worth the pay 😛

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Mouarf 🙂 I might try Prismacolor, just in case… And if they accept my color-name, I’ll write to Crayola to tell them!! (Not that they’ll care, but you know, childish revenge…)

      Liked by 1 person

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