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I don’t do selfies.

I don’t.

Almost never…. If I have taken a selfie with you, it is a proof of great appreciation! I don’t have anything against selfies per say. I don’t mind people who like to take them. And I don’t care if people want to take pictures of me… I just don’t get why I’d want to take pictures of me!

I know what I look like. I see myself daily…

But… It has come to my attention that a lot of influential bloggers put selfies on their blogs. Now, why would I want to do like influential bloggers, right? Because I want to gain influence over the Bloggosphere? Certainly not!

But Influential bloggers tend to… influence people, so I think it is normal that I get thinking about doing things like people like OM or Danny

It’s kind of like the “monkey see- monkey do” theory. But I am not too sure about that one, since I am pretty sure I am not a monkey. But that, too, is debatable.


Yeah… Where was I?

Oh yeah… Selfies. I just didn’t want to start publishing my face on the Internets. (you can thank me later!) So I thought I could give it a twist… Bad selfies!

That I can do…. And easily!

So in a near future, you might get one of those from time to time. If you’d like to join in, just send me your own picture, and I’ll add it to one of my posts with great pleasure!

For my first selfie, I thought I’d take it with the character of a former post… You might remember The Loneliest Meeting Point? If not, you can click to get its full (made up) story…  I thought we photographed well together!




What do you think?

24 thoughts on “I don’t do selfies.

  1. Hahahahaha !!
    Cyranny !!
    Oh my , each and everytime i leave a comment on your blog i allow myself to repeat that YOU ARE AN AWESOME AWESOME PERSON. * i said awesome TWICE*

    You have the ability to make people laugh easily.
    You inspire us and point things out differently.
    I can go on and on, on why you’re an amazing blogger.
    T’es une personne magnifique Cyranny ❤️
    Je suis trop fiere d’avoir recontré quelqu’un comme vous❤️!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, dear Saraa!

      Thank you so much for the more than kind words… You are such a sweetheart! And such an inspiring young lady! Everytime I read how you’re about to turn 18, it shocks me.

      You obviously have an old soul, and I am glad to see that, because being so young means you have much much more time ahead of you to spread your bubbly, loving, and positive messages.

      You are the kind of person I just can’t imagine frowning… Except maybe if you tried really really hard, but even then, it would probably just make others laugh!

      Stay just the way you are, Miss! The bloggosphere needs people like you 🙂

      *big hugs*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Then you just keep under the radar for a while… Ordering pizza, so no one sees you at the grocery store. But make sure you tip the pizza dude well, so he doesn’t report you to the National Enquirer… And when your name starts generating millions, you just make a come back! I’m pretty it’d work.


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