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I’ve always loved you…

I just had to wait

to meet you.



12 thoughts on “Always…

      1. Hi Cyranny,
        I think that’s why I noticed and made comment because I know what you mean about being succinct. I’m the same, but a work in progress.
        You are well on the way from this lovely piece 💐✨💐

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      2. Well, thank you again, Di! Isn’t it funny how hard it can be to take a simple idea, and translate it in the simplest words? Sometimes, I even have trouble making short comments… LOL I guess words just have a natural need to flow when my fingers meet the keyboard! I bet you know that feeling 😉

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      3. You’re welcome Cyranny.
        And again, I’m the same with comments too as you may have noticed by now 🤔
        Yes, the flow is good…I know that feeling and for me, much editing later, as I realize I have so many ‘too’s and repeated myself!
        Enjoy your writing 📕🖋🙋🏻

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