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A little prayer, or a warm thought, please.

  A call in the middle of the night is never the premise to good news. A call from Mom, at 1h41 am is scary. From Mom’s cell phone… Terrifying. It appears that Dad woke up showing signs of what most likely is a stroke. He has just been brought to the hospital. We don’t…… Continue reading A little prayer, or a warm thought, please.

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Don’t be late!

Cibelle discreetly wiped a tear, as she left the room, leaving Vohne alone for a short moment… The otherwise almost unshakeable nymph was as sensible as one could possibly be, but never before had she cried in front of her soulmate. For some reason, sorrow this deep was just something she couldn’t share with him……… Continue reading Don’t be late!

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  Hiding, no better nor worse than any other… I guess. Hoping there is something worth discovering something like a treasure… A pearl kept in an oyster, there for the taking, there patiently waiting…   Waiting for the warm touch of your smile, pressed on my closed eyes. Again.    

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She Reminded Me – Notthedane56

  “Leave a light burning outside, won’t you?” she once said “So, I can find my way…” I replaced the light today knowing that it wouldn’t be the last time, never the last time, I knew that sooner or later give or take a few thousand Lumens or, a failure of an electronic circuit, that…… Continue reading She Reminded Me – Notthedane56

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Where’s the crown, Suze?

Madame Suze promised us a version 2.0 of her tin foil crown, with jewels and all… And we’re waiting. No pressure, Suze, but I thought I could provide you with a little bit of inspiration!   Yeah, it’s the Danish Royal crown… What else?? 😉