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Where’s the beef?

Whatever the cut, I like to sprinkle Montreal steak spices on my beef.

Today, I was preparing my tournedos, making sure to put enough to get this nice BBQ taste, when I wondered… Do this spice melange exist outside Québec?



It is really really common here, but has it spread elsewhere? Did we hold on to a long kept secret that BBQ lovers would benefit from, all around the world?

So, it really isn’t important… But does this bottle ring any bell to you, Lovelies?

If not, I could start my own distribution business. Leave me a message in the “Get in contact with” page above if you want your share of the good Montréal stuff! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Where’s the beef?

    1. I thought you Southern neighbours had probably adopted it…. Still is a little funny to me that they kept the name Montreal. I wonder if it really had a link with the city at the begining 😉


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