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Don’t you wish…

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Lying in bed, she held the phone close to her ear, trying to carve in her mind each and every word he spoke, knowing they’d most probably be the last he would grant her. She was not quite past the shock of coming back to an empty house yet, but she now managed to hold her emotions in, as he talked with a mundane tone that troubled her.

He was gone for good, gone with all that belonged to him. She wished he had left a t-shirt lying somewhere, that she could wear at night to fall asleep to his comforting smell…

She wished she had something to keep him close. But his neutral voice was a clear warning that he had already shut her out of his life, and she wouldn’t insist childishly.

Her last hope was that he wouldn’t move too far, and forget her completely. She hoped he would take a sweet memory of her with him, and not remember her by her flaws. But she had no control over that either….

– Don’t you wish I hadn’t found you, now?

She would have listened to him telling her everything that was wrong about her, just to hear that voice that had soothed her sorrows on so many occasions over the years… She kept a sob from making its way up her aching throat, and pulled all her courage, to speak without shaking…

No. I am still glad you did… I just wish you had found me before…

Silent tears burnt their way down her cheeks, as she kept listening to his last goodbyes.


2 thoughts on “Don’t you wish…

    1. Thank you! I’m glad it spoke to you! Yes, it is a bit on the sad side… I go where my thoughts take me 😉 Have a lovely week end, girl! 🙂 *hugs to you AND Violet*


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