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Good news!




Today has been a long and rough day. But it is almost over now, and although my mood is not off the charts for personal reasons, I do have some pretty fantastic news to share!

A part of me is saying “noooo  shut up, stupid, you’ll jinx yourself, and it won’t work if you talk about it!!” But I still think that announcing it will just give me the kick in the arse I need to do it, at last!

I am starting to write my new book! I have written a chick-lit novel in French a couple of years back, “for the fun of it”, and I was waiting for the right story to get back on the horse… I always said that the day the idea would present itself to me, I would jump on it. Ok, I didn’t say that often, but I tought about it a lot.

I didn’t want to look for a story. I wanted it to come to me. That way, I knew it would flow easily….  And it did, tonight. It just popped in my head.

I know I can achieve this, but I need to be constant. I have set myself reasonable goals, and it is exciting to know that sometime next spring, I should have finished the first version.

Wow… Just this morning I had no idea this was coming my way! Thank you life!

13 thoughts on “Good news!

    1. Awww thank you Suze!! I have already thought about sending you the first draft when I have enough to chew on, and I want my first outside opinion!! 🙂 Would you like that? 🙂


  1. I feel you sister !!!
    Im writing my book too!
    Im past 2 chapters… a lot more work to do and to cover ..
    Its gonna be hard given that i started a new job …
    But when there’s a will there’s a way 😌
    Love you! ❤️

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    1. Congrats Saraa!! Two chapters? That’s great!!

      I know the juggling between inspiration, work and life in general is sometimes very intricate, but I am sure you can do it…

      Go! Go! Go! You can do it, beautiful!! XX

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    1. Hehehehe I don’t know if it’ll get that far, but I can’t wait to share the fruit of my labor with you guys 🙂 Thank you for your good words, Lydia!! It is always a pleasure to read you! xx

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  2. That’s wonderful to see, Cyranny!
    Sometimes the best ideas just seemingly come from nowhere.
    All the best in your new journey….
    Di 💐✨✨


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