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Slipper fight is over…

Yes… You can stop holding your breath!

I am sorry to announce that my Slipper Fight with the downstairs neighbours is over! Already?? You might think? It was my first reaction when I stepped on the balcony today to find this:



I was almost… No, I was disappointed when I realized that the slipper of war was gone. I had plans for us. I had even considered if I would shovel the snow around it, or just pick it up, shovel, and put it back in place… When Winter comes back, of course.

But I won’t have to worry about it anymore.

It took 27 days for my landlord to get tired of the knitted slipper. (Yes, you can applause… It was a nice effort) I kind of wonder if he was waiting for us to get rid of it too. I hope so. Because, here is the upside…


I won!!

Yay!! And we do have the print of the old slipper, as if the police had traced its silhouette for further investigation…

I thought about knocking at my landlord’s door, asking if he would have seen a blue and red knitted slipper… Or buying cheap slippers, and leaving a new one on the balcony…  But I think I’ll leave it to that! As much fun as that was, I prefer to wait for life’s next surprise-challenge!


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