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Hot hot hot…

It is hot here, in Montréal today. Not “dang! You’re hawt in that mini-skirt, gal!” hot… More like “I think I’ll sip on a cup of boiling water to refresh myself, hot.

Proof (not that you’d doubt me, now, would you??)


Outside, we are expecting a good 30 degrees today (sensation of 40). Inside the apartment, we have reached 26.6…

Now, I could rant about this, but I won’t. I’ve complained my fair share about Winter’s freezing temperatures, so I’m taking “hot” with a grain of salt… Sure, I could hide in the bedroom with Freja. The AC keeps it down to a nice 22 degrees there,  to make sure I sleep well. But instead, I decided to play tricks on my brain….


I wonder how many looneys are watching the fireplace Network right now… I sure am, making myself believe that the warmth is intended and welcome, and enjoying the cracking sound of the burning wood, while I surf around The Internets…

How hot is it where you are?  😉

11 thoughts on “Hot hot hot…

    1. Hehehe I will, Brett! 🙂

      I work this evening, meaning that in an hour and a half, I’ll be at the office, where they probably cranked up the AC to make us freeze 😛 So, until then, I am enjoying the warmth, even if it is a bit intense!

      Have a nice Sunday (and sundae, if it is hot too, where you live 😉 )

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    1. Mouahahaha I hadn’t calculated 26 Farenheit degrees in Celcius…. I knew it was cold, but -3 C… Yeah, I’d be wearing my winter furry socks again! LOL


    1. Oh yeah! I can handle the heat at home, but I can’t imagine working with sweat running down my spine… I also can’t sleep without AC since we got the heavinly machine installed in the bedroom 🙂


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