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Happy Friday Lovelies!

I have let the grey weather play with my mood a little too much for my likings lately, and I need to brighten things up. And something that has an instant effect on my mood is music, so why not put a few quarters in the Jukebox and wiggle our butts for a few minutes?

Yeah, so I decided to share a few songs that always make me want to stand up and dance around. I’m not the best dancer around, far from it. But if you don’t laugh at me, I won’t laugh at you! Deal?

So, this first one has followed me since my years spent in Guinea. Back then, there went out to dance every Friday night, and this The Cure tune was a classic! Still a good source of feel-good energy for me!


This one, I can’t explain. Everytime I open the YouTube window, and am ready to play the song (well actually the dang! dang! dang! ads before the tune) I tell myself “why?? I don’t even like Justin all that much, and the song is definately not one of my favorite!” But as soon as I hit the “play” button, I get the urge to join the people in the video, and wiggle around


I discovered this one during our trip in Cuba a couple of years back. I just can’t resist the accordion, and I can sing most of it too. Although, that’s not something you want to hear… lol


I discovered OneRepublic not so long ago, but I listen to them regularly since. I prefer “Wherever I go”, but “Counting stars” just makes me move on my chair more. I can sing along too… But it’s in English, no big deal here!


This was the theme song of a tv show I really enjoyed watching; 50 ways to kill your mother. This guy made a series of trips with his mom, challenging her in every way possible… Hilarious! The sweet lady is just so much fun to watch as she goes through her adventures! And the song is an instant booster for me!


A recent discovery… Found during one of my YouTube frenzies. I don’t have much more to say about it. I like it, that’s all! We all need a little Magic in our life, don’t we??


So that’s it… I hope it helped bring a little butt wiggling to your day!

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