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She might not lay golden eggs, but…

via Daily Prompt: Pursue


I was thinking about today’s Daily Prompt theme, and I wondered what it was, that I pursued… I think we all pursue happiness, that’s a pretty unanimous yes. But what more am I working to achieve?

Well, there is one thing. See, I’ve been “not rich” for many years now. Not poor, but definately not rich. I wouldn’t want to brag around, but I am pretty good at it too! I don’t dislike it, but I think I should challenge myself into trying at least “wealthy”.

But to do so, I need money. And that seems to be the biggest obstacle between being “not rich” and “wealthy”. I don’t want to rob a bank, kind of feels like cheating to me. I tried the lottery, without much success, and I’ve checked the attic, and there was no hidden bag of money…

How would I make money? I brainstormed with Linda from The Cabbage Patch a couple of times in the past, and we had great ideas for startup businesses, but it just wasn’t quite right yet. I turned my thoughts around, and decided to find a problem to solve… Hmmm… What problem, in my life, could be turned into money making?

I was brushing some of Freja’s hair off my pajama’s pants when it struck me. Cat hair! There had to be a way to make money out of cat hair!! Freja leaves her trace everywhere in the apartment, and I could spend all my time getting rid of it, there still would be some here and there.

I thought about a picture I had taken a while back when I shaved Freja…



Notice the use of the duct tape roll to be able to quickly gauge the size of the ball of removed fur (duct tape is always the answer!!).

I suggested to Linda that we could make cat wigs for those poor felines in need of more warmth, or just looking for a new look! She loved the idea.

But my thinking wasn’t done, we had to diversify our activity, just in case business wouldn’t be as stable as we would have wished…  I thought we could make sticky walls, that people would apply their cat’s hair to. In no time, they’d have a furry wall (if furry socks are cool, I don’t see why furry walls wouldn’t be). I haven’t investigated just yet, but I am pretty sure it would help isolate the house (a good thing, with our harsh Winters) and it is the perfect way to keep your annoying cat-alergic acquaintances out of your home (Awww, I would have invited you over, but…).

I think I had my best idea tonight. I was combing Freja’s hair, and removed the white fur from the brush, and voilà!



For those of you not so familiar with cat hair and/or cotton balls…. Freja’s hair is on the left, and, yes, the cotton ball is on the right.

Now I had been brushing Ms Freja for five minutes… And I think I could make two balls out of this.


See? You can’t actually tell which is which!

Now, in the 4.99$ bag I bought, there were 340 cottonballs. So, let’s get into maths (I hate maths)

365 (days) X 24 (hours) X 60 (minutes) = 525600 minutes

525600 divided by 2.5 (the time to make a cat hair ball) = 210240 balls a year.

210240 divided by 340…. (about) 618

618 X 5$ (price of a bag of cotonballs, roughly) = 3091$


3091$ a year.

And that’s not counting my cat wig and furry walls businesses!


Hah! Who’s on the way to “the rich and the famous”? Me, obviously!


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