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Do you feel blue?

Tonight I was going through a collection of quotes that inspire me, but haven’t found their place in the Cove yet when I came upon the following…




It made me think about a fellow blogger I had a heartfelt interaction not long ago…  (I hope you will read this and recognize yourself)

Some people might think Cyranny is just a character for me. That I am performing in the Cove, and that I am being nice just so people will stay around, read my shenanigans and tell me I am a great person… I couldn’ t blame you, The Internets lie a lot.

But through the last year, I’ve started to build bonds with some of you, that are genuine although virtual. Some I’ve shared some good times with, and that puts sunshine in my everyday life. Some others, I’ve shared more difficult moments with, and that got me thinking.

I am no specialist in helping people. I am not a therapist of any kind. But I care about people who hurt. And my dear Lovely, when I re-read this quote, I thought about you again. I wondered if you were doing better… And I wanted to tell you is that what this quote says is true.

And after all the surprising feedback I got from it, I wanted to link in a post I almost trashed, too afraid it would just come as whining…  So, for any of you fighting with dark frightening thoughts when the sun goes down, hang on! I’ve been there, but that was about 10 years ago, and I’m still here and happy to be.

So here it is…

And I had an idea… Because writing this post about the worst night of my life and re-reading my own thoughts made me feel good, I thought that maybe it would be the same for others. But it isn’t always easy to speak openly about that kind of pain, and it certainly isn’t always easy to sign it and send out in the Bloggosphere.

So…  If any of you have hard experiences you feel the need to vent, but just don’t feel comfortable publishing on your own blog, you can send it to me. I could publish your stories in the Cove anonymously, and you could consider the feeback as your own.

This is just an idea… But I think it could go a long way, and help in some way…

Just a silly idea, but what if?…






6 thoughts on “Do you feel blue?

  1. honestly, that is a wonderful idea. It is sometimes so very difficult to open up and share the bad things and we really do need to do it for our own peace of mind. What a terrific thing to post for others. it offers them anonymity and at the same time let’s them spew forth all the bad stuff they can no longer hide from themselves! I think you are a true, not just an imaginary internet, friend!

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    1. Aww, thank you Suze! I really hope people will participate… I think there are many interesting stories that need to be told and could help other readers feel less lonely… *Fingers crossed*

      And you better believe I am real… (scanning Wyoming at the moment….) Mouahahahahahhahaha!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll be glad to publish you… Letting it out heals, and I am sure you’ll get great feedback from it… I’ll be waiting for your email through “Get in touch with”… well, me 🙂


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