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Treating the Footsies…

I know… Footsies it not a real word. I don’t care, I’m French! 😉 No… Not French-French (I wouldn’t want to get complaints from male readers for misrepresentation). I’m the cheap version of French-French, Canadian French, which has the advantage that I can speak understandable English, though it might not make up for not having the French-French sexy side.

Anyway… I had to go to the drugstore tonight. Vitamine C didn’t do the trick this week, and I was tired of the bad nights, the coughing and sneezing.

Walking around the store I came across a rack full of furry socks!! Righty and Lefty wen’t crazy, although already wearing their brand new intelligent wool socks and February Denmark boots.

I had no choice. I didn’t want them to start whining or do the bacon dance in the middle of the store… so…


Don’t they look happy?

And when they’re happy, I’m happy too. Or is that he cold medecine kicking in?…




21 thoughts on “Treating the Footsies…

  1. Footsies is totally a word here in Australia… but then… there are so many words that are words here and nobody has every heard of them before… Actually there is also Foot-Undies… yep. It’s a thing. I don’t know if you new but they do exist and are the things dancers use… The things you learn…

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    1. Waaaaa… thank you Momma! That’s really cool! I love learning new stuff! I knew about foot-undies, but I had never seen that name before (then again, I don’t talk about dancing apparels often, but it can always be useful!)

      And Footsies, does it mean feet, or does it have a different meaning?

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  2. Young lady! Give me back my socks! Those are mine….I bought them two years ago! I had them in my sock drawer just waiting for an appropriate time to wear them, and then I spot them here? OH NO! You have to send them back home immediately……..oh heck wait a second…George just brought me my socks and damned if they aren’t exactly the same as those you so recklessly took a picture of. by the way, “footsie” is SO a word! It’s been a word forever…you just THOUGHT you made up a word! it must be from the mind-mush of a lingering cold that has you thinking it isn’t a word. It also is a euphemism (I LOVE that word) for petting, folderol and sex………so there!

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    1. I had a thought for you, Suze, when I spotted the rack! I should have taken a picture of it, but I was just too excited about getting new furry socks 😛 There was such a choice of bright colors, I thought you would have liked them too!

      Waiting for an appropriate time to wear them? I once read a story about how you shouldn’t save your best perfume for special occasions, or keep your special tablewear for fancy party, because you never know how life will turn out… I try to apply that to my everyday life. Ok, I don’t wear my golden dress to go to the office, but then again, I’m not a dress-girl. I do, though, wear my furry socks everytime I feel like it, and even if they don’t fit the rest of my clothes…

      Take those socks out of the drawer, and rock them proudly, my friend! lol

      Folderol… What a cool word! You have such a colorful vocabulary 🙂 I often have to Google words you use, and I add new ones to my English-knowledge bag most everyday!

      *big hugs* from Freezingland!

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