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One, two, tree… Go!



I know, I know… In my family, Christmas trees don’t get out of the closet before mid-December. But last year, we haven’t made one, meaning that Miss Freja has never seen it before.

Everybody owned by a cat knows that this is a change in said cat’s environment that requires going step by step.

This afternoon, we got the tree out of its box and in a corner of the living room.  Tonight, it was moved to its final spot, and later plugged in.

I’m keeping an eye on it, because there hasn’t been much reaction just yet. The important words here being “just yet”… I’m plannin on having it knocked down at least once.

So far, so good…  Keeping fingers crossed.

Next step, “decorating the tree”.

11 thoughts on “One, two, tree… Go!

  1. I put mine up last year and within ten minutes Pyewacket had climbed up and stuck his head out of the middle branches…now while it was indeed a lovely Kodak moment, the tree fell over. this year, I bought a teensy tiny tree that goes on top of a table. Pyewacket has not yet noticed it is in the window and it has been up and decorated for a week now.

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    1. LOL I have a friend who used to decorate her tree, lay it on the floor and put it back up only if they had visitors… Otherwise, the tree would be lying down in the living room throughout the holidays, year after year…. 🙂

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    1. Hahahahahaha good one, Mack!! I’ll actually be able to decorate it in a few days… My little furrnado didn’t knock the tree down yet!

      Maybe we’re lucky… Maybe she’s just waiting to make real dammage LOL

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