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“Awesome” is one of those words I really like in English. Just like in Danish, I like “dejlig”, “lejlighed”, and “åbenbart”. (you want to know what it means? Turn on your Google browser… I have been very nice with you lately, but I wouldn’t want you to forget how to surf on The internets!! I just care about your Internets skills, you know?)

Yeah, “Awesome” is awesome!

“Awe” is a feeling of great respect, sometimes mixed with fear or surprise. (thank you Cambridge Dictionary) So it makes sense that awe-some, would be awesome! But what about “awefull”?… My Frenchy side doesn’t quite get why “awesome” is great, while “awefull” is terrible…  But it isn’t that important, right?

With a friend of mine, I designated “Awesome” to be October’s word of the month! And I try to use it as often as I possibly can. It is some kind of psychological plan to implant some awesomness into my life by playing with my subcounscious.

I do beleive that when you say things, your brain listens to you and processes what you say as the truth… It certainly worked when I used to put myself down in every way possible, convinced that I was a pityful worthless person… The more bad things I would say about me, the worst I felt about myself.

So this month, I wanna try to convince myself that even if life isn’t perfect (which it sure isn’t) I can make my thoughts merrier by conditionning myself into seing more Awesomness around me!!

And I must say, I am spoiled here in the Cove! There are plenty of Awesome Lovelies around, making it really easy to consider it the very land of Awesome with a capital A!

So here are list of very active Lovelies in the Cove… Awesome Lovelies, that make the Cove Awesome!!

Awesome Linda! Awesome Nikki! Awesome Danny! Awsome Sarah Doughty! Awesome Tanya! Awesome Patricia! Awesome Lydia! Awesome Jacqueline! Awesome Rowena! Awesome Amommasview! Awesome Jason AKA Opiniated Man! Awesome Saraa! Awesome Stella! Awesome Etta! Awesome Worldsbeautyweb! Awesome Newzo! Awesome Elaine! Awesome Jey! Awsome Sabiscuit! Awesome Nikita! Awesome Mack 

That’s 20 Lovelies… plus 1 for luck! In no particular order, and for numerous Awesome reasons… Lovelies that are an Awesome source of inspiration… Some that are Awesome at cheering me, especially when my mood is dropping a bit… Others that don’t talk aloud, but always make their Awesome presence known with a “like” here and there…

An Awesome bunch to have in the Cove… Let me tell you that. And that’s just about a tenth of all the Awsome people spending time more or less often in here…

How Awesome is that??


P.S. Please don’t take it personal if your are not in the above list… Know that I had to cut out important names, and I send you an Awesome hug, even if you seem to be left out, ok? 😉




12 thoughts on “Awesome!

  1. AWWWWW (esome) to be included 😉 I loved the little background lesson on the word too- definitely fun, interesting facts. I will have to google those funs Danish words now! So thankful for you and the Cove ❤


    1. AWWWWW (some) right back to you!

      There will always be a big platter of fresh sushi ready for you in the Cove…

      No wonder you’re from from the Golden Coast… You bring sunshine in, anytime you visit, and it is much appreciated 🙂

      Big hugs from North-Eastern America!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 🙂 I know how to lure my Lovelies… lol Happy you enjoyed the sushi 😛

        Already Thursday… I hope you are having a great week! I should be hosting my first Meet & Greet party this coming Saturday. I hope you’ll pass by for a nice glass of wine, finger food and link sharing 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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