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E like Ethereal…

Ethereal: extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.   When Chéri and I left Montréal for the craziest trip of our lives so far, in February of 2020, we had no idea how lucky we were. For one thing, we had first planned going through China, to get…… Continue reading E like Ethereal…

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A like Awesome…

February of 2020. Just about a month before the World Health Organization declared the worldwide pandemic, I was walking through the streets of downtown Melbourne. The weather was just beautiful, clear skies and bright sun. I especially enjoyed the warmth since I had just fled the coldest of Freezingland’s winter temperature. We had rented an…… Continue reading A like Awesome…

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Awesome – Word of the Day Challenge

Today’s Word of the Day is Awesome. If you want to participate, create a pingback to link your post. Not sure how to do that? See how to create pingbacks here. Please note that for the prompts that I publish, the comment box will now remain open for people who experience trouble with pingbacks. However,…… Continue reading Awesome – Word of the Day Challenge

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Awesome Meet & Greet Party !

  Happy Sunday Lovelies! It is a cold rainy day here, in Freezingland. But I have a crockpot full of slow cooked Irish stew, and enough hot beverages for everyone! So why not stop by, sit in The Cove for a moment, chit-chat and meet new faces? I know I've met many of my favorite… Continue reading Awesome Meet & Greet Party !

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Awesome Meet & Greet Party!

      Oh yes, October is the month of awesomeness, and if this doesn’t ring a bell to you, you can catch up here. A couple of weeks back, I (almost) promised that I would do a ”part two” of that post, and give a proper shout out to many of you, awesome Lovelies. But…… Continue reading Awesome Meet & Greet Party!

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Awesome! (October 4th FFF)

I was invited (well, not personally, but still…) to join the Fandango’s Friday Flashback! Fandango scrolls back, every Friday, and gives a second chance to a post he had published on the same date the year before. I thought it was a great way to remember some of the stuff I did a while back, and I decided to participate… So…… Continue reading Awesome! (October 4th FFF)

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  Awesome… “Awesome” is one of those words I really like in English. Just like in Danish, I like “dejlig”, “lejlighed”, and “åbenbart”. (you want to know what it means? Turn on your Google browser… I have been very nice with you lately, but I wouldn’t want you to forget how to surf on The internets!!…… Continue reading Awesome!