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This is f*ckin’ awesome!



I don’t know how you’ve lived the past three years, but in Chéri’s and my case, it’s been a rather longish confinement.

We’ve left our apartment only for essential needs, with a few exceptions for entertainment purpose. The Imagine Dragons’ show, one or two movies, a theater play. A couple of dinners at the restaurant, but always wearing our masks from the front door to our table…

We’re slowly adapting back to the new normal. Hey! We booked plane tickets to visit Vikingland in just about three weeks. And that’s a huge step (although, let’s face it, I was just waiting for Chéri to bring up the subject to go shopping for a trip to my beloved Denmark).

But a couple of months back, some co-workers of mine chanced talking about arranging a night out. It seemed like a good idea, because a lot of us haven’t spent much time together in person, since the pandemic hit us. It took a while, for our project to become tangible, but recently, we started planning it seriously.

This coming Friday, we’ll meet up in a pool room to share drinks and good times. I had doubts at first. But I know that it is about time we start mingling again, and I am quite excited to get to know my co-workers better on another level, and in another kind of environment.

We’ve also invited people from other departments that work with us on a daily basis. Some I’ve met in person before, some I’ve never had the chance to see face to face.

And that should be F*ckin’ awesome!

Wouldn’t you say?


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