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Yeah…  You, ruler of Suziland! I am talking to you!! Did you crash by my office, by any chance??  Look at that printer/scanner/fax’s screen full of leaves! I say you have something to do with it! It wasn’t like that just yesterday! Mouahahahahahahahaha  😉    

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Secret keeper… update.

  I went out during my break, and found a tree to try to talk to. Not “this” tree, which still has its roots in Denmark (as mentionned in my last post), but a Montréal tree, because they are a lot more common here. I discovered two facts; Fact #1: Trees don’t talk – They…… Continue reading Secret keeper… update.

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Secret keeper…

I read somewhere that Japanese people had special trees they whispered their secrets to… I wonder if any tree does the trick, or if some of them are tattletales. I need a tree. Now.     p.s. this is not a Japanese tree. It is Danish. Surprising, I know!

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Old – AKA the dirty word.

Old… People who know me closely know I hate that word. Unless it is used to describe wine or cheese. “Old” irritates me. “Old” doesn’t exist in my vocabulary. To the limit, I’ll say older. “Old” people get grumpy and bitter. If you don’t fit those 2 categories, you’re not “old”, you’ve just been young…… Continue reading Old – AKA the dirty word.