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Yeah…  You, ruler of Suziland! I am talking to you!!

Did you crash by my office, by any chance??  Look at that printer/scanner/fax’s screen full of leaves! I say you have something to do with it! It wasn’t like that just yesterday!

Mouahahahahahahahaha  😉



9 thoughts on “Suze…?

  1. um, it’s just a couple of leaves. They are pretty…and cheerful..and they aren’t all wrinkly and ugly and stinky! they are a present you silly woman! sheesh…leave a few leaves and people just go bonkers. It isn’t as if Cyranny hates trees..she wants to whisper to them like the Japanese do, so what’s the problem?
    Could it have been the sneakiness of leaving leaves without permission or prior notice? was it the surprise then then wondering incessantly where they came from? Did they hide an icon or link or other computery thingy? Nope! they were gently strewn to provide much needed peace and love with colors bright and beautiful! It provides a healthy alternate to rushing madly through the park in Autumn’s cold winds and intermittent rain showers trying to find leaves with which one may decorate their cold, dark, dreadful office machinery! It was a joy and a privilege to find those leaves and does Cyrrany appreciate it? No she snarks out on me and shouts about me being the ruler of suziland! Well, actually I AM the ruler of suziland and suziland is a glorious and wondrous place of peace and joy and snarky comments. It is a magnificent place to be the ruler of (HA, threw in a dangling participial! so there, take that! Bad grammar rules!)………what in heck was I talking about anyway? Ah well, I am sure someone that speaks French will let me know. *can you see my evil grin?***

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    1. Mouahahahahahahahahaahahahaahahahahaahahahhahahahahaahahahhahahahahaahahahhahahahahaahahahhahahahahaahahahhahahahahaahahahhahahahahaahahahhahahahahaahahahhahahahahaahahahhahahahahaahahahhahahahahaahahahhahahahahaahahahhahaha….

      Leaving work to go back home in 10 minutes (yeah yeah, making excuses not to reply to the vindicative “comment” above… I am a total wuss :P) And I’ll laugh every step of the way (don’t worry, I live about 4 minutes of walk away from work… for real :P)

      But I will get back to you, Madame Suze, even if I’ll never be able to equal your firy fingers and their dance on the keyboard! 🙂


    1. Wow! That’s what feeling adored feels like? You are just AwEsOmE 🙂 And I am not saying that just because you have this lazer gun pointed at me, waving it up and down nervously, with that grin on your face!! I would appreciate if you would put it down for a while thoug, I would feel more comfortable. I am a wimp, you know? No wonder I am hiding behind an @li@s! The coward in me really doesn’t insist on being shot in the foot. Although I do recognize it would give me great blogging material if you chose wisely, and shot the left one, that’s the one to your right, if you were so gracious to grant me the choice! Yeah, “My left foot” would certainly ring a bell to some bloggers’ minds, bringing me a few readings, and writing/reading is what we came he for in the first place, right? You can go for the heart too, and I could join a YouTube link to Bon Jovi’s song “You give love a bad name”… Readers like a good song to accompany their reading sometimes! I am aware I’d have to survive the blow, though. And a shot in the chest must hurt a great deal… Hmmm. Thinking about it, why would you shoot me anyway?? Haven’t you just said you adored me?? People don’t kill people they adore. Ok, psychos and stalkers occasionally do, but you are not a psycho, are you? A stalker, then?

      *looking out the window*
      *looking back in the empty room*

      Suze? Where are you?…..


      Yeah…. I am a wuss! 😛

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