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Do you have a minute?



Or probably more like five or ten minutes… But you know, not that long, I promise!

I wrote my story for The NYC Midnight 250 Word Microfiction Challenge, and I know my English is far from perfect. I tried to run it into an online corrector, but the fact is that I don’t trust The Internets all that much. 

So, if you have a little time on your hands, and would like to help me by kind of beta reading my little tale, please let me know in the comments. 

I’d really appreciate it. I want to put all chances on my side… I’d be so thrilled, if I could make it to the second round!

So let me know if you’re in!  


38 thoughts on “Do you have a minute?

      1. Of course I still have your email… My story should be in your inbox already.

        Well, it’s been a weird 8 months, to say the least. But we’ve kept away from covid so far, so I guess it’s all good. 😉 xxx

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      2. I have it. I’ll have a look over it. Now I’m assuming you’re not wanting the incorrect and dumb American way of spelling things fixed?

        It has been a weird time. I’ve been ok not had the virus but my mum has. She’s getting better now.

        I’ve missed talking to you my friend, how have things been otherwise

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      3. LOL, Correct it just as you want 😉 I totally trust you!

        I really hope your mum will fully recover soon. This virus is really nasty.

        I’ve missed talking to you too, Colin! Not much has changed, here.. Same bf, same job, still living in the same place. And Chéri and I had the chance to travel to Australia just before the lockdown, and we’ve been stuck in our apartment ever since, because he has been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, last year…

        How’s the family? Your little one must have grown like hay!!

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      4. I’ll have a read over it after I put kiddo to bed.

        This is a long shot but if you still have Snapchat on your phone I sent you a message on there.

        Sorry you couldn’t get away to Australia that sucks.

        Family is OK and yeah the midget won’t stop growing.
        A lot has changed since we last talked though

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      5. No hurry, take your time!

        I don’t have snapchat anymore, but if you’re on Skype, we could arrange a little chat, I’d really like that 🙂 We could catch up on all these changes 😉

        P.S. We did get to go to Australia, the government closed the borders and announced the lockdown just days after we came back from our trip… Pfeww, it was a close call 😛

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      6. I haven’t used Skype for a long time. Might not remember my log in for it I’ll try to remember it. If you use WhatsApp I’ll email you my number if you want to chat on that

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    1. Hey there, Hokey 🙂 Yes, I already had your adress, and I sent you my story. I have until midnight to send my final version… I’d love to know what you think about my take before I hit the ”send” button 😉 Thanks in advance! xx


  1. I am having internet issues this evening. It really is the infernalnet tonight! We are in the country so we have satellite and it can be so slow as to be impossible. I keep getting “this site cannot be reached” messages.

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    1. Oh, I’m sorry to read this Anne. The countryside has a lot of advantages, but Internet certainly isn’t one of them, right? (at least not during winter) The ”Infernalnet” mention really made me smile… I hope you’ll get luckier tomorrow! xx

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  2. How did it go, mate? This weekend wasn’t good for me in terms of writing … so I kind of dropped the ball on this one. I typed out an ordinary first draft in the morning and then went surfing with my son and grandson …. neither of whom I had seen since March last year. So … you know … priorities. Got back 2 hours after the deadline closed.
    I hope yours went well. I look forward to reading it.

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    1. Sorry to see that you are not competing this time… But you had the best reason for skipping it, and nobody could blame you for choosing family over the NYC Midnight Challenge 😉

      I consider that I was very lucky with my first prompts, and it didn’t take me much time to come up with my story. I got a few people to read it, and correct my mistakes, before I finally pressed the ”submit” button. The comments were encouraging, but I know there are lots of amazing writers out there, so I don’t have high expectations.

      I can’t wait to get the judges’ feedback… How long does it usually take, according to your previous experiences?


      1. I did, in fact, jot down a sort of first draft – but never got back to it. So, officially, I am still competing. But yes … one must have one’s priorities in order.

        Don’t hold your breath for feedback from the judges, it will arrive only a day or two before round 2. In the mean time, though you can get involved in the NYC forum where you can post your story, get feedback from your peers and likewise read theirs and provide feedback. It is a good way of getting an idea of how diverse people’s approaches are.

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      2. What group are you in?

        I’m in group 81… I did post my story on the forum and the comments are suprisingly good so far. It was a scary test for Cibelle & Vohne, but people seemed to have liked them so far.

        I don’t have high expectations… I am a Frog, after all. If I make it to round 2, I’ll be thrilled.


      3. I’m in group 10 … or was it 11? I’ve already forgotten. There’s plenty of other frogs, so that’s no excuse. An Australian friend of mine entered once (an indigenous Australian, in fact) but she now lives in Bulgaria and used that as her address. One of the judges commented that her story was surprisingly good for somebody who so obviously didn’t have English as a first language. She freaked.


    1. Thank you, Suzanne 🙂 I did submit my short story last night, and am waiting for the judges’ comments in a near future (I hope). I’ll make sure to post the story once the results are in. Hopefully, I’ll make it to the second round. (I doubt it, but it is always nice to dream)

      *Fingers, toes and everything else crossed*

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