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Well, this is exciting!


As mentionned, in my post Hit me with your best shot!, I decided to participate to the NYC Midnight Challenge for the first time. (Special thanks to Brutus, for introducing me to the contest)

I wrote a number of stories, to get ready for the challenge (if you’d like to read them, just type ”NYC Midnight” in my search engine), some inspired by your prompts, some by a previous NYC Midnight Challenge’s prompts.

Today, it is time for the real deal!

I received the email, inviting me to write my story for the contest. It is quite exciting. After writing for so many years, this is the very first time that I actually put my writing to the test, and seeing my name almost at the top of the 5400+ participants was quite a thrill. (you can see it here )

I have until midnight to send my little tale, and then we’ll see what happens…

Fingers crossed!

7 thoughts on “Well, this is exciting!

  1. Don’t know if my comment was posted so will do it again….

    Way to go my Friend! Your work should knock’em dead. I’ll be rooting for you. When will you hear any results?

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    1. Thank you, Hokey!! 🙂 I sure hope to make it to the second round of the competition, but I am aware that there are many many amazing writers out there. Who knows, right? It doesn’t cost a dime to dream! And I was lucky my assignment was to write a ”Fairy tale/Fantasy” story, which is a genre I am pretty comfortable with 🙂

      So…. All fingers crossed! I have to submit my story by midnight tonight, and wait for the results. Unfortunately, the competition rules don’t specify when the winners will be announced. I’ll make sure to keep you posted! xx


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