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Secret keeper…


I read somewhere that Japanese people had special trees they whispered their secrets to…

I wonder if any tree does the trick, or if some of them are tattletales.

I need a tree. Now.



p.s. this is not a Japanese tree. It is Danish. Surprising, I know!

8 thoughts on “Secret keeper…

  1. I am fairly certain that anything you tell an Oak tree stays there with the oak. I wouldn’t mess with a willow as they are constantly whispering and ya just never know whether it is a secret being bandied about. Pretty darned sure aspens can’t keep a secret..of course it could have been a smaller and younger brother in that aspen tree I told about sneaking out one night……but better safe than sorry. Pines trees are too busy making sticky stuff to mess with and cedar’s will spread your tales as fast and furiously as they spread their nasty sneezy pollen. But yer pretty safe with an oak tree.

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