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Dry lips in Denmark…

I don’t have the most inviting lips ever, when it comes to kissing and that sort of business, but other than in very, very rare cases, I have naturally very smooth lips.

It might come from not over using them, or not using chemical gloss and lipstick to cover them that often (aka almost never)… But I think it mostly has to do with keeping well hydrated at all times and costs… Which explains why I can’t leave home without this Danish buddy of mine, event to put the trash out on the sidewalk!




I told my water bottle it might be viewed by water drinkers from around the globe, explaining the unzipping halfway down its neck. Sassy uh?

Don’t you worry, this is not the actual water bottle I bought while in Denmark. No, I change it every few days with a new bottle, but the cover was bought during my trip, and fits with my everyday bag, so I keep it as a constant reminder of my journey. (as if I needed to be reminded… lol)

Back to my lips! This morning, for some reason, I woke up with extremely (for me) dry skin. I remembered the lip balm I had bought in Copenhagen, and I took it out of my purse to make good use of it.



It brought back a souvenir of my first days in Vikingland. I was overexcited and discovering Copenhagen during what was the most.beautiful.springtime.ever!

I had just arrived in DK, the weather was STUNNING and I have a redhead girl complexion… Do the math with me:

Sunshine full blast + ghostly white skin burning faster than you can say “sunscreen!” = ?

Disaster, that’s what it spells… Red nose, peeling cheeks, and dry lips… So after 2 days of running around the city, I had to find sunscreen and lip balm to sooth my poor skin. I walked and walked… It isn’t always simple to find a specific store when all the banners differ from the ones you are used to… And unlike in France, where big green neon crosses hang above drugstore’s doors, finding one in Copenhagen seemed to be a little more complicated than I had expected!

But I am not a quitter, and I finally found what I was looking for, just before taking the train to go to Møn’s Island.

I quickly chose the lip balm, because it was blueberry flavored. Bleuet is a word I had only seen in Québec, and it felt like a little piece of home in my palm… And for a good reason.

While on the train, putting a second coating of much needed balm, I turned my blueberry lip butter container around to find this out;



Notice the St-Laurent, (Québec) H4S O4A  there? That’s in Montréal… I am not too sure about the role Germany and Belgium played, to bring this all the way to me, in Copenhagen (maybe the balm is made in Québec, “bottled” in Belgium and distributed by Germany… who knows??) But any way, it felt like I had fallen on a little piece of home in Denmark, by pure luck (and need of curing my poor, cracked up skin)

It is such a small world…. isn’t it??




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