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Work, WP, and lack of collaboration…


No mumz! It is yur blog thing as you say! Why I haz to entertain yur Loveys? I you haz stayed home and sleep all day like me, you be not so exaus.. exhust… so dang tired now! No! Don’t take them treats out…Β 

Do tell them about them wussy feet of yurz instead… I haz see you take them picture this morning. The Loveys will be ok with you not spilling yur silly buzinez on the Internets, for once… Do whut you wants, but take that camera away! Nooow!


Freja, AKA “la poubelle” (the trash can) is right about one thing. Work has drained all my early morning’s good intentions of writing a great post tonight. It is really getting in the way of my writing skills practice, and my living off my words projects…

I wish I found a way to at least make it a sideline, so I could tell my boss I’m not taking overtime anymore. Wishful thinking, I know… But what would life be like without dreams to hold on to?

On top of my tiredness, after a long week end spent at the office, WordPress is nagging me, making huge red windows pop up every now and then, tonight. Making me wonder if I’ll even be able to post this…

My day started off on a pretty high note, as you may know already. Not because of a great night of sleep, that’s for sure, but I was plannin a fun post for the afternoon, and ended up looking at my energy gauge go dangerously down.

So, I’ll have to postpone my name dropping project, I guess.

Freja is right, I could have published my furry socks’ post. It has been ready to send for a few days now, but I just can’t get my mind to it. It has to do with my traveling feet being under the weather lately, but that will have to wait too… Wondering what blue feet look like?


But no worries, the rest of me is still in a good mood, just drained. I think I’ll just curl up on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket, surf around WP and half watch the hockey game…

There’s always tomorrow, right?

Drop by to say hi if you’d like… Always puts a smile on this tired girl πŸ™‚




8 thoughts on “Work, WP, and lack of collaboration…

    1. Sometimes, being true to your own self is the hardest honesty to practice… Yesterday night, when I was staring at the keyboard, trying to arrange the post I had on my mind all day, I just had to remember that even if I love spending time in the Cove, sometimes, I need to take a rest in the real world. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for your kind words Mack, and an Awesome week to you too!!

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    1. LOL she is… I hadn’t thought about the “talk to the back” thing, but it sooooo applies to her! I’ll think about it every time I take the camera out to try to snap a picture of her! Had she been a star, she would have driven paparazzi crazy! πŸ˜‰


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