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Sunday morning…

I think I  broke down overnight… Well, maybe not completely, but a part of me did.

In a good way.

It is a little before 6 am, and I am smiling. (yeah, I know… scary)


So, Lovelies, I just wanted to share a song to start the day on a positive note. Push the desk or table against the wall, make some place in the room, come and dance with me!




This song is catchy, but it really is the video that gives me a smile… I love ordinary people who dance (poorly) with confidence!

So let’s dance our way into this great Sunday… I’ll be back a little later to talk about this epiphany of mine… Thanks to you Lovelies, changing my life for the better!

And stay tuned, because there will be some name dropping (everybody loves gossip, right? :P)

Happy Sunday!!




4 thoughts on “Sunday morning…

    1. Thanks for joining in… Sorry for taking a little long to answer. It was quite busy at work, but I was very happy to know I didn’t dance all by myself (which I actually did lol) in the Cove 😉

      Welcome back anytime 🙂

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