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After Eight Moments…

  . There’s no better friend than your own self!  –  Freja   . . . If you want to know what After Eight Moments are about, click here. Description for the visually impaired; Freja, caught in the middle of a very vocal chat with the other cat in the mirror!

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Having the blues…

I get bruises so easily, it’s not even funny. The above example came from barely bumping into a door frame. It’s already looking better, after a couple of days, but when it happened, I could have accused Chéri of savagely grabbing me by the arm. Most of the time, I don’t even notice my new…… Continue reading Having the blues…

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Shaving my pussy… Update

  Recognize the joyful gaze (to say the least)?  Yes, miss Freja is still enjoying her ratlike figure.  Ok, she’s not really happy about it, especially when we play hide & seek. I am not sure, but I think it just insults her when I giggle at her trying to look impressive. (you know that…… Continue reading Shaving my pussy… Update

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Feedz me naowww!

  Sitting on the couch, my legs stretched… Comfortably reading some of the latest posts in my thread. I notice that Freja is sitting just beside me, but I am not really paying attention… I know what she wants. What she always wants. She wants food, and she wants it now! Can you tell?  …… Continue reading Feedz me naowww!

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You traitor!

  I know… I am a bad mom. Luring sleepy Freja by feigning an innocent selfie! She had her doubts, knowing I don’t do selfies that often, and definately not before brushing my morning-hair away… But she was barely awake, and her reflexes weren’t at their best! So here it is… An almost not grumpy…… Continue reading You traitor!

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Work, WP, and lack of collaboration…

No mumz! It is yur blog thing as you say! Why I haz to entertain yur Loveys? I you haz stayed home and sleep all day like me, you be not so exaus.. exhust… so dang tired now! No! Don’t take them treats out…  Do tell them about them wussy feet of yurz instead… I…… Continue reading Work, WP, and lack of collaboration…

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Whut’s bedz?

Whut mom? Bedz? Whut bedz? Yeah, exactly. Why buy cussions, cat trees and other cat stuff full price when miss Furball can just knock down the DVDs off her favorite shelf and make herself “comfortable” next to my steel chandelier? Dang right! Now go away… You got yur picture, leave me alone!  ZzZzzzzz  ZzzZZzzz zzZZzzz….…… Continue reading Whut’s bedz?

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Happy burfwhat???

  Already a year, since our beloved furrball was born! It seems like yesterday… I tried to throw a little celebration to honor her first 365 days of being cute (most of the time anyway) but she really didn’t care all that much about it! Meowiversary? Whut’s that anyway, mum? Just give me them treats,…… Continue reading Happy burfwhat???