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Having the blues…


I get bruises so easily, it’s not even funny.

The above example came from barely bumping into a door frame. It’s already looking better, after a couple of days, but when it happened, I could have accused Chéri of savagely grabbing me by the arm.

Most of the time, I don’t even notice my new bruises. People ask me what happened to me, expecting a fall from the second floor, or something like it… And the only answer I can come up with is ”I have no clue”.

Once, years ago, when I started my current job, a co-worker waited until we were alone and looking very uneasy, she asked me if there was anything I wanted to tell her… (Nope!) Because, really… If I needed help…

I realized that she thought Chéri was the abusive kind (which is absolutely ridiculous, when you get to know him). I laughed out loud and told her about my easy-bruising self.

After fourty some years, I’m used to it. But every now and then, I still surprise myself.


Do you know anyone that obliviously got a bruise on the palm of their hand?? It might not be clear on the picture, but I got one at the base of my ring and little finger.

How could I do that without noticing it??

I’m blaming Miss Freja. I am sure she stomped on my hand while I was sleeping. But I won’t talk about it… I wouldn’t want her to be happy with herself, and get her to plan a second attack.

I’m not interested in waking up someday, spotted with little paw-sized bruises from head to toes…

18 thoughts on “Having the blues…

  1. It seems your skin is super sensitive, as my daughter who often finds smaller bruises without knowing where they came from, and insects seem to enjoy biting her too.
    She got covered with mosquito bits in Spain one year

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    1. Oh my… The mosquitos LOVE me too. If I stood in a room filled with many people and one mosquito (which isn’t possible just now, but you get my point, I’m sure) the mosquito would find me!

      Thank you for sharing, Graham 🙂 I feel less lonely 😉


    1. LOL I had forgotten about it, but it happened to me too! The bruise was very tiny, and perfectly round, so it looked like a freckle. I even booked an appointment with my doctor to have it checked, because I was afraid it might be some kind of skin cancer, LOL

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  2. Unfortunately, those things come as we get ‘younger’ and more ‘mature’ – at least that’s my take. My wife is noticing more bruising for mysterious reasons too. I don’t look for them on me, so I’ve solved the problem. 🤣

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    1. Mouahahahahah Same here, I’ve stopped ”looking for” them. But sometimes, they’re just too obvious not to notice.

      Thank God I am not the clumsy type. I would have to wear long pants and turtlenecks all year long! 😉


  3. My two daughters bruise easily too. When the older was a toddler, she had tiny bruises all over her legs. A friend jokingly commented that it looked like someone had been poking her with a chopstick.

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    1. The image really made me smile, Candice, and I really can relate. It’s funny, it seems to affect more women than men… I should look into that 😉

      I guess people like your daughters and I should be grateful that we made it this far not dying from internal bleeding 😛 Mouahahhahahahaha

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    1. LOL, I might try it… But I think strapping myself in bubble wrap would be a more effective method to prevent any additional bruise. If it works, I might try to market my suits 😛 Can you imagine a bruiseless life? Mouahahhahhahhah


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