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Lady in red… (2)



Standing outside the bar, he considered his options…

He could text message back, and either join her or flee back home. He could just push the door and go meet her. Or he could simply ignore the message and walk back to his house, open a beer and go about his life as if she had never crossed his path.

There were other parks to walk his dog, and the chance they’d bump into each other otherewise were slim to none.

He didn’t need drama. Women always led to drama one day or the other… It was a talent they all had in their genes. Even the most innocent-looking girl eventually turned into a complicated, practically impossible to satisfy creature.

He would know, he had had his good share of bad ending love stories.


Yet there was something about her that intrigued him. She barely spoke, leaving so much to interpretation… The women he was used to being around were chatterboxes, but she didn’t reveal herself that easily. Even when he questionned her, she managed to turn the conversation around. And he realized she knew a lot more about him than what he had learned of her life.

When he insisted, she’d just stare blankly, lost in her thoughts. He had tried to read her mind so many times, but all he had were impressions that she had never validated or denied…

Second vibration of his phone, still in his large palm.

Still coming, silly? I hope nothing bad happened…

 Why wasn’t she furious at him? She had been waiting for almost an hour now, and didn’t seem even slightly bitter…

So, what are you going to do, silly? he almost said aloud. At the bar, she was still chatting with the barman, but he had seen her take a look around a couple of times, scanning the crowd, obviously looking for him. And each time, she had to place back her bangs, not used to let her hair down…

She looked stunning, even from a distance. She wasn’t the best looking girl in town, but the contrast between the laid back girl from the park and the gorgeous thing sitting by the counter was breath taking. She was some kind of Clark Kent/Superman girl… And he liked to think that she had transformed just for his benefit. He wondered what kind of super power she might have, grinning.

She was also beautiful in the way that she was oblivious to it. Even in that dress, he knew she would blush and deny every compliment he could feed her about her looks… He could easily imagine how she’d cover her mouth and look down to the floor if he mentionned how flattering her flashy red dress was on her.

And it was indeed…

But what if… What if he entered the bar? What if they had that drink and another one after that? What if the drinks kept coming, and he got drunk on her giggles, and she got shiny eyes from the liquor and his silly stories? And what if he let his guards down, when she lay her head on his shoulder, laughing at his jokes, and that her perfume drew him blind? What if he uncounsiously put his game on, and managed to invite himself to her rooftop apartment… What if she was tipsy, and danced around him, and he ended up taking that pretty red dress off her?

Then, he’d be in trouble… Deep trouble.

She was starting to move on her stool, obviously getting a little nervous… Giving a second look at her messages, he knew he had to make a quick decision. Her glass was almost empty, and she wouldn’t order a second.

“Oh, the Hell with it!”

He took a deep breath, and pushed the door open. Feeling the nervousness take over with every step he took, walking through the crowd, he fetched every bit of confidence he had left…

When he got a few feet behind her, he stopped to appreciate her figure before adressing the barman.

Good evening, there! Would you be kind enough to treat this lovely lady with a new drink, Jimmy? I’ll have the same!

She turned around, surprised at the sound of his voice, placed back a few locks of her pitch black hair, and her whole face brightened up.

Sorry for making you wait so long, Mademoiselle… I had trouble finding parking for my horse!

She giggled cocking her head to the side a little, running her fingers through her hair again…

He was in trouble…


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