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Another challenge…




And I am blaming my dear blogger friend Brutus for it. 

I first tried the NYC Midnight 250-word challenge, last year… And I failed. Then I tried the longest version, and also failed to make it to round two.

And here I am, trying once more. This time, it is a 100-word piece of fiction, which, I have to say, is quite a challenge, indeed.

I did write my story, and I thought I’d ask if any of you would like to give me their impressions, before I clicked on the ”send” button. I’d really like to read your thoughts, in case I could change a few details even if it is last minute.

So if you’d like to give me a little help, just leave me your email in the comments (if I don’t already have it). I’ll send my short tale over to you, and I’ll wait for your feedback!

Thank you in advance…  

7 thoughts on “Another challenge…

  1. Sorry …. I didn’t see this until too late. Still, I’d like to read it (
    And just for the record …. you are way, way behind me in terms of failing to make the 2nd round. It is my standard result and I’d be willing to bet that it’s about to happen again.

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