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Random Danish memories…



In Denmark, Christmas is a big thing.

Danes have many christmassy traditions, and among them the kalendarlys (calendar candle) is one that I have adopted, last year. Every night of December, you light your candle, and let it burn down to the next day’s number.

I know there’s still one month to go, before I get to light it for the first time, but I was so happy to find it in the mailbox, that I wanted to share it right away. My Jul Nisse will bring much hygge in the apartment all advent long!

Isn’t it just totally cute?

8 thoughts on “Random Danish memories…

  1. Oohhhhhhhh I have so many fond memories of all of the gnomes from my Christmas’ in Denmark. They were everywhere that I went. The family home where I spent the two christmas’ that I was there, they decorated their tree with straight gnomes and gave me a story book about gnomes for a Christmas present and told me a story about how it’s a Danish urban myth that the Gnomes come to life and bring them peace and love and protection during the holidays.

    lol, sorry for rambling in your comments section – your photo just brought back a lot of memories for me.

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    1. Please, don’t appologize, V! 🙂 I love your enthusiasm, and I share it when it comes to the nisser!! I have many of them to decorate the apartment during the holidays, and when my boyfriend found this candle, I just HAD to have it 😛 So cool that you got to spend Christmas time in Denmark (twice, Awwwww *sigh*) It’s one of my dreams to travel there for the holidays someday. It just seems so special, from what I’ve been told…

      Thank you for sharing your memories 🙂 xx


  2. Nice memories of Danish Christmas (Dansk Jul), Cyranny 🙂
    You just remind me to see, if I have any Calender Candle (Kalenderlys) in my storage. I haven’t been celebrating Christmas in my time in Spain, but I do like to burn the Kalenderlys for hygge.


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