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Without Power – LCPP

Basil René launched a photography challenge: The Life Captured Photo Prompt. Why don’t I let him explain the challenge himself… Each week on Saturday I will post a photo prompt and if you wish to participate, post a photo on your blog any day from Saturday through Friday and ping it back to my original…… Continue reading Without Power – LCPP

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Random Danish memories…

  In Denmark, Christmas is a big thing. Danes have many christmassy traditions, and among them the kalendarlys (calendar candle) is one that I have adopted, last year. Every night of December, you light your candle, and let it burn down to the next day's number. I know there's still one month to go, before… Continue reading Random Danish memories…

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Looking back… Day 24.

  So it is over. If you didn’t follow my Looking back posts, they were about gathering random thoughts, some about the holiday season, some not, while watching my Danish kalendarlys burning day after day. A kalendarlys is a tall advent candle with days 1 to 24 printed on its side. Every evening, you light it, and…… Continue reading Looking back… Day 24.

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Looking back… Day 21.

  Tonight I was working the late evening shift, sitting by myself at the office. I turned on the radio, to fill the silence. In the evening, this radio station usually holds a sports open-line show, and people call in to talk about hockey, football or any other sports they feel like talking about. I am not that…… Continue reading Looking back… Day 21.

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Looking back… Day 20.

  Krumme is watching over… Christmas is coming. Are you ready?   4 days to go, get your things together! The lit Christmas tree, the traditional meals, the well wrapped gifts. The family time spent together…   4 days to go.

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Looking back… Day 17.

    As I mentioned in my post earlier, today was a special day.  My little brother turned thirty eight, and since he is on vacation and I was off from work, I asked if we could spend the day together. With our very different job schedules, we rarely get to share that much time,…… Continue reading Looking back… Day 17.