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Looking back… Day 21.



Tonight I was working the late evening shift, sitting by myself at the office. I turned on the radio, to fill the silence. In the evening, this radio station usually holds a sports open-line show, and people call in to talk about hockey, football or any other sports they feel like talking about. I am not that much into sports, but the conversations don’t distract me as much as music, and the radio host, Derek Aucoin, is a dang good guy. He has a way with people that makes it enjoyable to listen to the show, even if the subject is somewhat boring.

Tonight, since it was the last show before Christmas, and Derek opened the line to any subject people wanted to talk about. A girl called to say how she just wanted to offer her mother a good winter coat for Christmas, but she couldn’t afford it. Another listener called to say they would buy the coat for the girl, and then a chain started naturally. Another man called to offer a day of horse back riding to the girl, and others called to offer all kinds of presents. Strangers helping strangers they had only heard on the radio.

Some callers just wanted to be heard, because they were lonely.

Others wanted to share important milestones they have achieved during the past year. Alcoholics that have quit drinking… Homeless people who have worked their way out of the street.

There was something very moving about the whole show. Many times, I teared up listening…  What made these three hours so special was the way Derek welcomed every caller with a genuinely open heart. He gave people his full attention, never interrupting them. He encouraged those who needed it, and cheered with those who had something to celebrate.

I often mention how the greatest gift Mom and Dad have given me, was being taught to try to always treat people as I would like to be treated. A simple lesson, but not always easy to apply to everday life.

I believe Mr Aucoin is like that. That’s what makes his link with the public so special.

I know he put a smile on many people’s faces.

Sometimes it takes so little to change a person’s day. A reaching hand, an open ear, a pat on the back, a simple smile… You never know when a little attention will be the needed twist for another. You never know when you’ll make a difference.

I know I was inspired to try even harder to spread kindness around me.

And if you’d like to do me a little favor, just pay the kindness forward! Be aware of the people around you, and make them smile… It doesn’t cost a dime to make someone smile.

But it makes a big difference.

Make it happen 🙂


10 thoughts on “Looking back… Day 21.

  1. I really do try to with the means I have. I’ve been on the other side too – the side of desperation, hopelessness, despair. I’ve not told the story at just how close I have come to committing suicide but maybe some day I will.

    Given that, I do try to be kind to everyone around me because I have no idea what battles they might be fighting.

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    1. I think we’ve all, at one point or another, been on both sides. I think we need to suffer to be truly empathetic.

      I am sorry you had to go through painfull times, but at the same time, I am glad it made you more sensible to other people’s silent misery.

      *big hugs* and thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. I agree, Joy! I wish we witnessed this kind of generousity and kindness more often. What surprised me the most was how spontaneous it was… Nowadays, I tend to doubt pretty much anything I see on tv or on Internet, but there was no staging there. It was very heart warming for my last shift before the holidays 🙂


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