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Strike the pose!

I decided to take a day off from the Film Festival today…

Not that I don’t enjoy myself there, “au contraire”, but one brain has to rest from staring at a theater screen from time to time.

Freja had a worried look on her furry face when she didn’t see me getting prepared as usual… And she was right!

Awww… Mum! Nooooo… Not the camera encore!!

But when I reminded her she had asked for her own Blog, I got her thinking about it.

Yeah sure, but why me must take the pictures.. You don’t put you on your Blog, mum!?!

Not true! I have put selfies number of times in the Cove! Not good ones, I agree, but there are bits and parts of me everywhere on the walls!  Selfies are just a thing I don’t master yet.

I covered her with compliments, showed her the “likes” her previous appearances had gathered, and she started considering the idea…


Really mum? People will give me the Likes and such?

I kept the praising going untill she finally agreed to pose for me…



And after a few minutes of cooperation, she came to her feline senses again…



Ok, that’s enuff mum! Now turn that camera off bufore I eats it, and gives you some claws!

Fine… You’re the boss… until next time 🙂

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