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Nombril de semaine…



Happy Wednesday, lovely readers! As some of you might have noticed, this week, I am spending a lot of my time at Montréal’s World Film Festival. Unfurtunately, the theater where I sit all those hours, doesn’t provide us with wi-fi, so I am lacking time surfing around and reading your best posts…  So please, if you have a piece you’re especially proud of, just leave me the link in the down below comment box, I’ll make sure to give it a read 🙂

This week again, I’m giving myself a bit of time in the spotlight, after dusting up some of my favorite February posts…  So here they are;


Recalling of a past love…


Just to prove not only my mind works in mysterious ways… Runs in the family, you might say?


Fiction love story… Possessing, being possessed, sometimes the line’s not clear!


Winter is still far in my thoughts, but here’s a post about my brains getting a little silly analysing the concept of cold in Québec.


“Yeah, but what about your constant stalking on Notthedane56 and Linda?”  Thanks for asking! I do have some sharing to do to hopefully get my two favorite Bloggers a little more love!


Old time memories… Because no matter how much time has passed by, some people never get forgotten.


The follow up on “Beware of wife” post last week. Always on the hilarious side 🙂 By the way, Yours Truly will be working with Linda soon, having been invited to write a little something she wishes to post on her own Blog! Wow!! I’ll keep you posted on that…


So, there we go… Click, like, comment as you please! Spread the love while it’s still free 🙂 And leave me your own picks, I’ll make sure to read you and leave a thought or two!

Have a nice week 🙂

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