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Litterbox story…

Living in a cat’s house means keeping the litterbox clean.

Freja (and probably other cats, but I never surveyed the subject) likes to use her litterbox right after I cleaned it. She’ll sit by my feet, judging my work as I take the little poo shovel, scoop all that needs to be scooped, and put it away in the special litterbox-odorfree-trash can just next to it.

I then even the sand in the box, and Freja takes it as the signal to jump in (sometimes jumping straight on the shovel) and greet me with an honorary pee.

This has been going on, every day, for a little over 8 months now.

Yesterday, my brain did what it does best, wonder stupid, useless things. What if I cleaned the after-cleaning pee right away?

So I picked the scoop, did my job, and stood back. Freja jumped in as expected! Good, I thought, let the experiment begin!

A little turning around, then pee time! Quick sand scraping to cover the spot, and she gets out, unaware of my plan.

Pee scooped, and thrown away… Sand evened.

Freja looks at me, obviously wondering why in Heaven’s name I am suddenly changing a routine that has been working for soooo long. Come on human! Really? Changing things? Whyyyyy??

She jumps back in and starts turning again, not ready for a second go. I step back to give her privacy as she sets up for a revenge poo. Sand covering, gets out again, staring at me.

Poo scooped, thrown away… Even sand again.

Freja looks me straight in the eyes and hisses angrily! Yes… She hissed!


Cat’s have no sense of humor…


Curious brain 1 – Cat 0

3 thoughts on “Litterbox story…

  1. Haha! I’ll have to let The Viking know about this ingenious experiment. He’s the Official Pooper Scooper in our house and he has two kitties making sure he’s doing it right. :o)


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