Show it to me…

My brain works in mysterious ways… OK, stating the obvious, I know.

I have a large collection of DVDs. But if I am zapping around one late evening, and I fall on the (very long) movie Camille Claudel, I will watch it until the last minute. I have the movie, I can watch it any other (more convenient) time. No, the television (fjernsynet) is presenting it for me and it makes my viewing more special.

The same goes for general information about Denmark. With the Internet, I can take a virtual walk in Copenhagen. I can Google Himmelbjerget, I can search for a map of Fyn Island, I can read about the amber that can be found on the beaches…

But it doesn’t compare to getting up in the morning, opening my tablet, reading a blog and getting a glimps of Kattegat Sea. Maybe if I had made a research, the picture would have been more impressive, with a little more sea and a little less ferry… But I wouldn’t have had the surprise of seeing for the first time a place often referred to in “Vikings” which I watch on TV every Wednesday night.

I want to see it all, but I’d rather have you show it to me… I am not lazy, I just enjoy your sharing of little things.

And just to be clear, I said Denmark but it applies to other places too. It’s just that Denmark is… Well you know me, Denmark!

Keep posting and have a good one 🙂

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