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J like Journey…

  Like many of you, I love to travel. And it is one of the things I’ve missed the most during the last year. I know people who would love it if they could get teleported to wherever they wished to visit. I wouldn’t. What would be the point of traveling, if we didn’t get…… Continue reading J like Journey…

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Good evening, dear Lovelies, I hope this finds you doing well. Oh what a week it’s been, and I wish I could say it is over, but today was just day 5 of a twelve days straight stretch at work. For those of you who are regulars in The Cove, yes, I am still training…… Continue reading Cyra-newz!

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F*ck you, Life!

  I don’t like being rude, but sometimes, you just have to call a cat a cat. Anger is not a feeling I deal with easily. I rarely give into it, I find it useless, and I don’t need this feeling. When upsetting news hit me, I try to sit, and think, and if I…… Continue reading F*ck you, Life!

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The WOW attitude…

I mentionned a couple of days back the possibility that my favorite airline would soon go out of business. Ok, I heard the eye-rolling in the back. Yes, I am going to talk about Wow Air again, you can close the window and go straight to the next post in your Reader if it doesn’t interest…… Continue reading The WOW attitude…

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Looking back… Day 4.

  I am home alone tonight. I spent about an hour watching the flame dance again. I’m a little sad. Today I learnt that WOW Air is possibly running out of business. I can’t believe that the Icelandic air carrier could disappear anytime soon. I traveled on the very first WOW flight from Montréal to Keflavik (on…… Continue reading Looking back… Day 4.

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Oh well…

This will be short (yes, this time, it will) I am not really surprised. To say the truth, I am not surprised at all. Over 13 000 people all around the world participated in WOW Air’s Travel Guide contest. Lots of young, good looking, bubbly and skilled people. I didn’t expect to win. At all.…… Continue reading Oh well…

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It’s out there…

My application for WOW Air’s summer job as a traveler-blogger has been sent tonight. I did my best in the little time allowed, knowing how late I’ve been made aware of it. I know I am a bit naive. I hope it is part of my charming side. Most of the other contestants are far…… Continue reading It’s out there…

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Don’t you dare laugh!

  As part of my application to WOW Air’s contest, I had to make a 2 min max “travel guide” talking about Montréal…  I’ve NEVER edited videos before, and I would have gladly skipped this part of the application. I hate filming myself too. I don’t have any problem watching myself, but I just really…… Continue reading Don’t you dare laugh!

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Where are you?

The clock is ticking… As you might know, yesterday, I was made aware of an online contest that offers pretty much a custom made dream for me: A summer job, living 2 and a half months in Reykjavik, and traveling to different countries through summer, using the Wow Air routes, to build an online travel…… Continue reading Where are you?

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What if?

I keep telling people to chase their dreams. I know that dreams can come true! Some of my dreams have come true! And there is no reason I should sit back and not try anymore… Right? I believe in preaching by example. It is the best way to prove you’re right. And I am about to do…… Continue reading What if?