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Looking back… Day 4.



I am home alone tonight.

I spent about an hour watching the flame dance again.

I’m a little sad. Today I learnt that WOW Air is possibly running out of business. I can’t believe that the Icelandic air carrier could disappear anytime soon. I traveled on the very first WOW flight from Montréal to Keflavik (on my way to Copenhagen, of course) in May 2016, and it is the only airline I used ever since.

WOW is an ultra low cost airline company, that allows people on a budget to travel around the world, and I would have thought that they would have had much success. They have top notch flight attendants, and beautiful purple planes, but I guess that the lack of luxury didn’t please the crowd.

It’s a shame.

I don’t want to lose my easy link to Denmark. But what can I do?

*keeping my fingers crossed*

11 thoughts on “Looking back… Day 4.

  1. Just too many businesses are closing which is shocking. I was just talking with Hubby last evening saying in the past 20 years this world has changed so much and so fast that it makes my head spin. Today (present day) is not anything even close to what I know the world to be. It’s frightening if you allow it to frighten you. Sorry to hear about your airlines. 😒

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    1. Thank you, Amy. I too see how things are changing, and not necessarely for the better. Companies need to make money, and unfortunately, it means that businesses that provide low cost services or goods often close down… I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

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