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It’s out there…

My application for WOW Air’s summer job as a traveler-blogger has been sent tonight.

I did my best in the little time allowed, knowing how late I’ve been made aware of it. I know I am a bit naive. I hope it is part of my charming side.

Most of the other contestants are far younger than I am, and far better looking. I argued that I thought my experienced, still young at heart spirit could be appealing to people. I must admit, I also mentionned that some of you Lovelies were ready to help me discover amazing cities…

Oh how I wish I could get that call…

It would probably be life-changing for me.


Wish me luck!!

13 thoughts on “It’s out there…

  1. Almost everyone who draws breath on this planet is younger than I am, and certainly better looking. But, from time to time, I still get a gig here and there. You are young, smart and attractive. You’d be a shoe in if I was the judge.

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  2. I hope they hear your passion and heart for this job! I think it would be sooo great for you! Hoping for the judges to know what we already know, that you would be the best. 🙂


  3. Younger? Better looking? Not that I saw. I saw what looked like unprofessional attempts and I’m sure that’s not what they’re looking for. Who wants to see hyped up teens on a travel site? Kids, maybe, but they’re not the ones the site is wanting to attract.👌🏻🤞🏻🖖🏻👍🏻

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