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Don’t you dare laugh!


As part of my application to WOW Air’s contest, I had to make a 2 min max “travel guide” talking about Montréal…  I’ve NEVER edited videos before, and I would have gladly skipped this part of the application.

I hate filming myself too. I don’t have any problem watching myself, but I just really wanted to leave it to your imagination to guess what I looked/sounded like.

But hey, a dream is a dream, and I promised to give it my best, so I did.

You have no clue how long this took me to make… I can’t believe I spent so much time, and came up with just this, but at least, I have a video, therefore, I can enter the contest! Yay me!

Someone asked (yeah, I’m talking about you, Suze) if there was a way to support my entry in the contest… Well you can always go on YouTube, and give me a little thumb up! You can also ask your friends to do the same. I have no clue how important “likes” on our videos will be, but they certainly can’t hurt!

As I said, compared to most other participants, my video looks like it has been made by a six years old. And not a talented one. But it was made with a lot of heart, and a lot (a LOT) of sweat.

So… *drumroll*  here it is! (I can’t believe I am about to post this… Oh my!)



You can laugh…. Just don’t tell me, please!




31 thoughts on “Don’t you dare laugh!

    1. Hehehe, thank you Brutus 🙂 I think the video ruined what little chance I had of winning, but at least I tried…

      I will need a couple of suitcases if everyone wants to come along… Maybe I’ll have to make a contest of my own? 😛

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    1. Thank you, Kate! I’m proud of having produced “something”… I’ll try to nail the writen part, but a lot of the other contestants have videos that look professional ones. I keep my hopes up 🙂

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      1. fact is they probably want the winner to produce little videos on each visit so something you’ve done well must win over a professional standard that they cannot possibly keep up. Stop putting yourself down and get it done so I can edit it please?

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    1. Thank you so much for the kind words!

      It is a beautiful city, and the people are great too! I think it is the perfect mix of Europe and America… A little bit of both, mostly the good sides of each, hehehehe

      Make sure to let me know if you ever decide to visit 🙂 xx

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      1. That sounds great.
        I’ve been to Toronto several times but have promised myself the next Canada trip has to be about Montreal… I’ll fit in the Toronto realties around that! Lol


  1. Great job. I cannot edit videos. I am proud you and thank you for putting not only a face with the name but a voice. 🙂 I would choose your video if I were a judge.

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  2. Monkey has a few questions for you (he always has bloody questions)

    1. Was I your first friend?
    2. What was the truck? Was it an ice cream truck and can he have some ice cream
    3. Where can he get that burger from
    4. What is your accent (I answered this one)

    I thought it really good and gave you a thumbs up

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  3. Oh CYRANNY! It was wonderful! I have NEVER EVER wanted to go to freezingland, but it is so BEAUTIFUL, your love for the city of Montreal shines through, your voice is gorgeous, calm and emotes your love of your city so well that I now WANT to go! Yes, I do too! I’dd even consider going during freezing-time now…. If I had one suggestion (and I do actually…you know me!) Make two. One in your native French and this one in English and send BOTH in for the contest! They will grab you in a second….


  4. So beautiful. All of it, you, your voice, which is so soft and pleasing. It’s nice to hear a voice to put with the face. I think you would have a calling of voicing your Poetry and stories maybe in audio book form? I don’t know about those things, but your beautiful poetry read by your voice would be spectacular! I’m headed to youtube for my vote! Good luck sweetie, you are certainly a treasure.


  5. Your video is excellent! Even if this is your first time making one, it looks so professional to me. Wonderful descriptions and photos of your beautiful city. Great job! Thumbs up from me! 🙂


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