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Warm wishes…

Dear Lovelies, This is the fifth Christmas I celebrate in The Cove, and I just wanted to wish you and your loved ones the most wonderful time, despite the limitations we all have this year. Thank you for your support and your friendship throughout the years! As you might have noticed, I will not be…… Continue reading Warm wishes…

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Cyranny’s Jukebox…

  I know I have already posted this song before, but Fandango chose Partisan as his word of the day prompt. So, well… Yeah. I didn’t have much of a choice, did I? Originally La Complainte du Partisan, the song is about the French resistance, during World War II. Made popular by my very dear Leonard Cohen, many covers…… Continue reading Cyranny’s Jukebox…

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Useful? Me…?

  Hello Lovelies! No, you haven’t misread… I am about to do something useful in the Bloggosphere! Woaaa… I’m so wild! I go on for a year and a half rambling about, writing silly stuff, and all of a sudden… BAM! When no one suspects it, I decide to share knowledge that can actually be usefull.…… Continue reading Useful? Me…?


Can you give me an example?

I like checking random words through the Internets from time to time… I am just curious. And I do enjoy the fact that now, online dictionaries often provide examples of the use of the word I’m looking up. Today, I was looking for the correct way to say Omoplate in English   Really? Among…… Continue reading Can you give me an example?

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I like Us… (A to Z challenge)

Bending the rules again? Yeah, a bit, but it’ll all make sense in a moment! “I”, in English, is one of the three most important people in my life. With “me” and “myself”, that is… A tad narsissic? Not at all, since I need those three people to just be. And I need to be…… Continue reading I like Us… (A to Z challenge)

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75 fois Merci !!!

  I am speachless… Dear blogging friends, I can’t believe that I got to this point! I don’t like the term “followers”, it seems a little intense. But reaching my 75th subscribed reader is quite an honor!! I am impressed, and deeply touched that you chose my words to be worthy of your virtual librairy!…… Continue reading 75 fois Merci !!!

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Je parle…

I know some people who only speak French. And people that only speak English… I never could have done that. Very early, I discovered I had an easiness with language learning. It probably came from my interest in other languages, or at least, that helped a lot. I learned English out of pure need. I…… Continue reading Je parle…