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Cyranny’s quickie!


How many languages have you studied, even if you can’t use them now?

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13 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Four. I can read three of them and understand three of them. But not the same ones. Urdu, English, and Arabic I can read. Urdu, English and Punjabi I can understand. 😂


  2. English, French, Spanish, and Russian. I am fluent in English only. For the rest, I remember only a few words and would be hard pressed to utter a complete, coherent sentence.


  3. um, French, Spanish, Greek, Latin, Aramaic and Hebrew………I can only remember a tiny bit of Spanish or latin is still with me, but the hebrew is gone as is most of the Aramaic. dang.


  4. Formally, I’ve only ever studied 2 languages – Mandarin Chinese and English. I also speak Cantonese but that’s not really a language that can be “studied”. Unfortunately, since I use mostly English nowadays, I’ve forgotten most of the Chinese characters learned when I was little. It’s all just reduced to verbal communications now.


  5. I studied Spanish, French, Latin, and Greek. I remember some of each, although I’m no longer fluent in any of them. All of them come in handy occasionally, and all of them enhance my understanding of English, which is the ultimate mongrel language.


  6. Two so far…three if you count English. 😁
    Getman and American sign language. The German is still passable, but the ASL is gone except for the alphabet and numbers. I worked with a couple of deaf folks at Rockwell back in the 60s and 70s. I knew some basic stuff at the time.


  7. 3 weeks of Spanish. I know enough to ask how you are, tell you I’m fine, read the restroom sign, not slip on a wet floor and identify a cat. I naturally speak English.


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