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I didn’t kick you to the curb!


Dear Lovelies,

It is not the first time I experience this, but this time it seems to have affected more people, so I thought I should speak up.

Cheryl (also know as The Bag Lady) is most certainly my most loyal reader. Not only because she’s had her VIP chair in The Cove since the very begining of my blogging journey, but because on numerous occasions, she had to re-follow me, after being removed from my followers, apparently by WordPress. It almost became a habit to get the little notice mentionning that she was now following my blog (again, and again and again)

I thought there might have been a problem with Cheryl’s phone, or maybe with her WP account.

But in the last week, I’ve had at least three other bloggers who I know for a fact read my posts on a regular basis, re-follow me.

I’ve read that recently, some people have noticed that WordPress seems to be doing some random deleting of subscriptions in their accounts, without the slighest notice.

What the dang, WP??

So, I just wanted to reassure you all. I NEVER delete people from my follower’s list. It would take a hell of a bad offense to push me to do that. So if you suddenly don’t see my posts in your Reader anymore, know that I didn’t kick you to the curb. And you’ll be very welcome back in The Cove, as always.

And I recommend you check the list of the blogs you follow, you might not be following other blogs you love, anymore.

I guess WP just wants to spice up things in the Bloggosphere…

If you’ve also noticed the above, please let me know. I’ll try to have a chat with the Happy Engineers sometime, this week. The more examples I can provide, the more chances we have to have this fixed.

*Fingers crossed*

19 thoughts on “I didn’t kick you to the curb!

    1. I’m expecting you to re-follow me before next Skypy Friday… I don’t get why WP doesn’t want us to be friends. I hardly encourage you with your world take-over plans… Pffff!

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  1. I have had this happen for the past couple of years. I contacted WP about it and they asked me to send them a list of the blogs I had followed but had dropped off my list of follows. I did so . They gave me a month free on my yearly subscription. It still happens. And some other bloggers have told me that I have dropped off their lists. And….sometimes in my Reader a blog turns up that I am CERTAIN I have not followed. It is annoying an weird.

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    1. This is so very annoying, indeed. Are they really expecting us to keep an eye on every blog we follow, just to be sure that we’re still following them? And I did notice the random blogs I never subscribed for, that appear in my Reader. I’m glad you mentionned it, because I was starting to think I was sleep-blogging and adding new blogs to my list without remembering it. Ughhh… *sigh*


  2. I saw an example of this a couple of days ago when I discovered the a blogger and friend I had been following for a long time, and I thought wasn’t writing any new posts, was in fact no longer being followed by me!!! What, how? Just one of WP glitches.

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    1. I am starting to think that WP likes drama, and is trying to cause fights between bloggers. Or maybe they have major glitches they should work on, instead of imposing new (amazing – NOT) editors and stuff alike 😛

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    1. Amen, Rob. I don’t get why they work so hard on making changes we don’t want… While doing nothing about things that need to be fixed. Grrrrrrrr (did you get your vaccine yet? Because we’re really due to make that Greenland date. I think it would help forget WP flaws…) xx

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    1. You’re so welcome, Chuck 🙂 I thought it was just a myth, until I realized that close friends bloggers had to re-follow me more than once. I now worry that I might have let bloggers down, thinking they might have just stopped posting for a while.

      If enough of us complain, we might make a difference… Thank you for the reblog, dear 🙂 xx

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  3. Its so irritating! I cant believe they cant fix it! Now I have to wonder, are some bloggers following me, I know some who were commenters now arent commenting, maybe they are not on my list now?


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