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Cyranny’s quickie!



Do you think we would benefit from speaking the same language all around the world, or is it important for you that we keep all of the different languages alive?

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15 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. My answer is two-fold. The first-fold is totally selfish LOL
    (1st-fold) YES! For the love of Everything, YES! Let’s all speak one language, preferably mine since I’m terrible at languages (although I really, honestly do try, I just really suck at them) and it would make my life exponentially easier when travelling!
    (2nd-fold) No. A language shared among a common people is a beautiful thing. It is more beautiful than any ugly border can possibly be. Even the harshest languages, when spoken by a native, can sound like a beautiful love song. To erase a language is to erase part of a person’s heritage and identity. Even among people who share a common language, the way they pronounce every single word is a unique identifier, a beautiful piece of art. To remove that would be a travesty.
    I live in America. We have many people who speak Spanish (I have tried and simply cannot learn it, so I cannot count myself among them). The thing is, it’s all a common language, but to hear different people speak it, it’s nearly a completely different language. You can actually tell where someone is from just based on how they speak Spanish, whether it’s slow and relaxed, or deliberate, fast and urgent, harsh as if you’re being yelled at, delicate as if fairies are speaking it in tinkling bell voices… every inflection, every rhythm is as unique to a culture as a finger-print to a person. I have been to Canada, Louisiana, and Spain; the French is the same, the way it’s spoken is so very different it sounds like different languages, each unique and exquisite the way they are. I have been all over my country and many others where English is spoken fluently; the rhythm, meter, pronunciation, inflection, tonality, accent, all differ drastically; some is extremely difficult to understand, but once you break the code, it’s absolutely mesmerizingly beautiful in its own, unique way; influenced by the individual, the culture, even the landscape nearby. It’s living art.

    Would it be easier for my dumb brain if everyone were absolutely identical (in my preferred language), YES!!! Would I want to live in a world with no unique languages, where everyone was part of the same homogenized group? No. Where’s the awe in that?

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    1. Very well said. I agree. My dad was from Australia. My mother from Texas, and I am from California. We all spoke English, and my mother and I are both American, but we all spoke in completely differently. both my mom and dad had very strong accents, and there are different words and different meanings to everything. I believe the more languages a person can speak, the better, however, I also believe people need to speak their own national language as well. I speak a little French and Spanish, and can read both fairly well too, which certainly help me a lot when I travel, but people always know I am an American too.

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      1. People will know we’re American even if we spoke fluently and without accent in the native language. We just carry ourselves like Americans, even when we’re trying to blend in. I’ve spoken to people in other countries about it, generally ex-pats that I’ve found all over the world. One said it beautifully: it’s like we’re all wearing green camouflage in the desert – the idea is right, but it’s all so very wrong lol That same person said that he’s been living in that country for the last ten years, but every so often (usually after he came home to visit friends and family for two weeks, or someone goes to visit him for a couple of week), he goes back and everyone is like, “ah, American” all over again. We can’t help it. Personally, it seems to me that we can occasionally manage to get it off, but as soon as we’re around other Americans it gets right back on us like some type of invisible American goo LOL

        I can’t read or understand anything in French. In Spanish, I can read… like 7 words total and can say about 5 more. I can’t be expected to know more than that though, I only took Spanish for FOUR STRAIGHT YEARS! I seriously am horrible at languages lol To be fair to myself, I can say a lot more in Spanish than just five words, but…they’re all bad words, and they don’t count because I somehow managed to learn all of them in the first 30 seconds of my first Spanish class. They sort of just downloaded themselves into my brain before I ever even found a desk lol

        What I find odd is that we don’t have an official language. Few countries don’t have an official language, and we don’t have a single one, just basically English is the default. Yet, Bolivia (I think) has the most official languages. I couldn’t even imagine trying to grow up there!

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      2. But that can be said of anyone, from any country. We all handle ourselves in different, distinctive and unique ways. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Languages have always been a gift and strength for me. I love learning different languages. Even music and math are different languages.

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      3. Oh, I know it can be said of every country. The way we carry ourselves is the same as having a unique language. That was the parallel in my head, whether I actually said that or not is a different story lol

        Music and math are most certainly two more languages. They are also two languages I am not good with. But much like wanting to sit and listen to foreign languages all around me, I love listening to music the same way. It is all so beautiful. Just, not skills my brain will accept. But it can appreciate them… and they are exquisite.

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      4. I appreciate all language, especially music. The spoken word can sound like music, even when harsh to the ears – a speaker’s meter matters. So I appreciate it, but hand me an instrument and it’s kinda like telling me “here, now you must speak fluent ancient greek.” Not a chance lol

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  2. Well, at least for those who believe in the Bible it appears God made that decision when he decided having everyone speaking the same language was a BAD thing so at the tower of Babel, He confused everyone by having them speak different languages that others outside their people could not!! Personally, I think it would be better.


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