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Need a job?



I am well aware that most of you Lovelies don’t understand French.

But if you understand numbers, I think that you’ll easily do the math. Chéri sent me the above job offer recently, and I must say… I was tempted to apply on it.

Given that the minimum wage in Québec is 14.25$ an hour… 2077$ would be a nice upgrade (not that I work for minimum wage, but there is a large gap between my hourly wage and 2077$ still), but I really don’t like working evenings and weekends. And, unlike the job offer I found in Denmark months ago, this one isn’t mentionning free hot beverages, whenever I like.


If you’re not good with math, let me walk you through it.

That means (before taxes, but still) 83,080$ a week. So roughly 4,320,160$ a year. I wouldn’t want to seem patronizing, but if you’d be willing to give up some of your evenings and weekends, I’d say it’s worth taking a speed course on how to operate machinery to work on metal. And maybe a little French (message me if you need any practice).

Chéri did bring up that it must have been a typo.

I disagree. Companies are desperate… I should know, my company hired an asshole months ago, although the whole department agreed that he wasn’t doing the job.

And isn’t doing it still to this day, but still gets paid.

So… What do you say?

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