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Break up… – FFFC



Anna was perplex… Standing on the apartment’s doorstep, looking for the keys in her purse, she could hear bursts of laughter coming from inside.

Tiptoeing, she entered the flat.

Are you ok, Sweetie?

When Anna had left, just hours earlier, Chrissy was devastated. Her boyfriend of the last five years had broken up after a brief text message exchange during the afternoon. Anna’s BFF status required her to go shopping for a break up kit ASAP.

Said kit seemed useless now, judging by the giggling going on in Chrissy’s room.

Anna peeked through her bestfriend’s room door, waving her loot as a white flag. Chrissy was lying on her bed, covered with popcorn.

Ooooooh, you brought ice cream… NICE!! I’m starving!

Mentionning Chrissy’s ex-boyfriend seemed like a big no-no.

What are you watching? It sure looks funny.

She giggled again.

La vita e bella… I can’t believe I’ve never watched this before. It is AWESOME!!

Anna excused herself, to put her shopping items away. Back to her friend’s haven, she sat on the bedfoot.

Darling, did you eat any of the brownies I left in a ziploc container in the fridge?

Chrissy tried to look guilty, but the sparkle in her eyes betrayed her.

Maybe…. One, or three… Or maybe more. Why?

Mystery solved.

Okie Honey, let’s put you to sleep… You can have cookie dough ice creem and tequila shots tomorrow. When you’ll remember why I got them for you.

Pot brownies were more than enough for the night.


Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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