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Kickin’ covers…


Today was a day to forget. For one thing, I woke up past noon, which means that I really had some sleep to catch up on. It was my only day off this week, having to do two overtime shifts, one yesterday, and one tomorrow.

I felt under the weather. Nothing serious, but I just didn’t feel good at all. I spent most of the rest of the day wrapped in my favorite blanket, and even fell asleep on the couch (despite my very long night of sleep). I had planned to spend a lot of time in The Cove, but ended up just lying on the sofa, waiting for the weird feeling to pass by.

While I was trying to put some thoughts together, I stumbled over this cover from Damien Robitaille (you can find him on Instagram @damienrobitaille). I thought I’d just come by and share it with you… I really think Damien has really pushed it to another level with this iconic song.

I really hope you’ll enjoy it too!

If this is the first Kickin’ Covers post you read, you can catch up with the reasons I started them here.

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