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A dare’s a dare…



Standing in just a couple of feet of water, Bill pushed the large log away from the shore. He needed to be about thigh high, from what he had seen on the internet.

This is not a good idea, Bill!

His wife stood on the beach, shaking her head. She really wished they would have settled for a simple walk around the lake, as usual. 

Stop the eye-rolling, Lilly! I can hear you… A dare is a dare, and I’m not going to let Phil win. No way!

The two men had been on a roll of mutual dares and challenges for years, and it had gotten ridiculous. She had really thought that log rolling would put an end to it, but Bill had taken the bet, and she had followed him, mainly because she believed there should be a reasonable person on site.

Bill was gauging the log, confident he’d be able to get on it after a couple of tries.

Get the camera ready, Hon! We have to get this on tape, to prove to Phil that I really did it!

Lilly covered her eyes, as he attempted a first climb. Quickly followed by a loud splash. 

Bill… May I remind you that you just turned 72?

Not minding his wife’s warning, the man kept the log still, aiming for another try, motionning for Lilly to film him. Instead, she reached into her large purse for her cell phone, and started to dial.

That’s it, I’m calling 911!



This short fiction is a ”practice” for November’s NYC Midnight 250 word Microfiction Challenge, using Rebecca’s prompts: Comedy / Log rolling / Lake. Thank you 🙂 


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