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Until next time…


I’ll soon celebrate my fifth year as a blogger.

To say that this is surprising would be an understatement. Never before have I stuck to a project that long. And the fact that I have been working on The Cove almost daily is amazing to me too.

I could pretend that it’s all about writing, and spreading ideas in the Bloggosphere, but I’d be lying. It is all the amazing people that kept me coming back day after day after day, for the last five years.

As you might know, I’ve started a weekly chat session about two and a half months ago. I was pretty sure it would flop (just like so many things I tried, in my life), but I thought it was worth giving it a shot.

It was meant to give bloggers a place to exchange. Not really to share ideas, tips or even talk about blogging at all… Just a place to meet, have a good time, vent and get good giggles.

And it worked.

I just wanted to give proper thanks to the people who have made my Sunday nights (now Friday evenings) so much fun lately.

Thank you, Fabulous Trina for being my co-host since the very beginning of Skypy Sundays. I knew I liked you from all the comment exchanging we had done in the past. But having live conversations with you really confirmed the feeling that despite all the space between us, I have a friend in you, and you have a friend in me. You are deliciously crazy… Don’t change!

Thank you, dear Suzanne, for bringing an elegant touch to our meetings (Suzanne is always well dressed, while most of us are in our favorite pajamas). And thank you for your twisted sense of humor! It is always such a pleasure to have you, and when you make up silly reasons not to attend (like going kayaking… Yeah, sure!!  Mouahahahaha) we do wish you were there with us! I’m sure you’ll figure out how to sign out of our chatroom someday, and in the meanwhile, thank you for the good laughs when we watch you trying to.

Thank you, Larry, for joining us, although it wasn’t easy at first. You are the perfect example of why people should dare to join in. While the other participants are people I’ve been blogging with for years, I didn’t know you all that well when you first popped in. Now, our Skypy sessions wouldn’t be the same without your funny anecdotes and witty jokes. (Side note, you would really make Trina’s day if you could find a genuine cowboy hat, someday)

Thank you, Simon, for pushing back bedtime a little to come and fire up Trina with a comment about Brexit or Boris, before leaving us to deal with her (Mouahahahahaha, just kidding, of course!). It is always great to catch up with you, week after week. I promise I’ll make an earlier invitation someday soon, so you can stay with us a little longer!

Special mention to Jay-lynKristianApinder and Melanie B Cee who joined us at some point… All of you are most welcome to come back anytime in the future. I’d be delighted to have you again!

I wanted to make a list of people I wish could participate at least once, but I am too scared of forgetting anyone, and I wouldn’t want to put pressure on anybody…. But if you are reading this, consider yourself personally invited!

Every week, the conversation goes an unexpected way, and yesterday we ended up talking about James Veitch… Suzanne sent me the following clip to share with all of you! Check it out, it is really worth it!

I am adding this one… And if you were part of this week’s chat, you’ll understand why. If not, you can check out my post Friendship…  which is about trolling trolls.

17 thoughts on “Until next time…

  1. It sounds like a lot of fun. One day I’ll get off my arse and try and join you but hey, we’ve met in person and spent the most awesome time together so it doesn’t get much better than that. I consider myself very lucky! 😊✨

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    1. I feel very lucky too!! I am so grateful that stars aligned like they did… We couldn’t have had a better time. And yes, if you think you might make it some week, just let me know a little in advance if you can… I might be able to convince Rob to join in 😉 These chats are just so much fun! I should make a little survey amongst Aussi bloggers… If a couple are interested, we could make a chat session that fits your time zones better 😉 (I’ll be working on this) xx


  2. I promise to return!!!! Next Friday I am working until 7 p.m. but the following Friday I am off at 3:30 so I shall make every attempt to log in. I miss you guys. And as I said before my confidence level sober is rising where I can put myself back out there. 🙂

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    1. Oh yay, Jay-lyn!! It’d be so cool to have you again! We miss you and your infectious laughter too 🙂 Stay well and safe, Gorgeous, and we’ll be waiting for you, when your schedule allows it! And congratulations for sticking with your resolution 🙂 I knew you could make it!! xx


    1. Thank you, Caramel! I guess I am… 😉 I’ve never aimed for being a ”big” blogger, but lasting makes me very happy! If you ever get comfortable with Skype, and want to join us, it’d be a real pleasure to hear your voice… xx


    1. Thank you, Suzanne 🙂 I feel very lucky for the way these little chat sessions are turning up, week after week. Definately makes my day everytime we all meet. And yes, we’re all very cautious about waiting for one’s avatar picture to disappear before we start the gossiping.. Mouahahahahaahahahaha

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