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Until next time…

I’ll soon celebrate my fifth year as a blogger. To say that this is surprising would be an understatement. Never before have I stuck to a project that long. And the fact that I have been working on The Cove almost daily is amazing to me too. I could pretend that it’s all about writing,…… Continue reading Until next time…

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Great mingling night!

  Yesterday we had our sixth Skypy Sunday Chat Session. To be absolutely honest, I almost cancelled this week’s meeting at the last minute. Not that I didn’t want to meet with you Lovelies, but the weekend have been a little rough on my mood. Saturday morning, it was the first time in months that…… Continue reading Great mingling night!

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Epic fail…   Well, that didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped. As you might know, tonight I held my second Skypy Sunday tonight. The idea is simply to offer a place to mingle between bloggers, and have a little chat, live. I thought it’d be fun to hear some of your voices… Last week, I…… Continue reading Epic fail…

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Elbow Bump Party!!

  My dear Lovelies, In these times of self confinement, we are more isolated than ever before, and that can be tough on one’s mood after a while. Things are changing fast outside, and the most effective way to fight our common enemy is to stay away from it, as much as possible, until scientists…… Continue reading Elbow Bump Party!!

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Join the Party!

Do you remember the good ol' days of Meet & Greet all-weekend-long partying? Sure you do! It was the easiest, funnest way to discover new bloggers and give exposure to your own blog to new readers. One of us would throw a theme party in the blog-air and we'd all mingle in their comment box, sharing a… Continue reading Join the Party!

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Awesome Meet & Greet Party!

      Oh yes, October is the month of awesomeness, and if this doesn’t ring a bell to you, you can catch up here. A couple of weeks back, I (almost) promised that I would do a ”part two” of that post, and give a proper shout out to many of you, awesome Lovelies. But…… Continue reading Awesome Meet & Greet Party!

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Week Party – Reminder

The party’s on… just click click click 🙂 I know, it’s Monday, and most people work on Mondays! But, as Lacey from Big and Pinky Toes pointed out after my first Meet & Greet party, some people stay out of the Bloggosphere during the weekend. Good point, Lacey!! So, I thought we could throw a…… Continue reading Week Party – Reminder

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Meet and Greet (With a Twist) Weekend! — A Kinder Way

I should have done this yesterday… But better late than never, they say! Nikki, from A Kinder Way is throwing an all weekend long Meet & Greet party. Nikki is the Queen of mingling events, and there’s already a lot of action going on! So if you’re looking for new amazing bloggers to follow, and…… Continue reading Meet and Greet (With a Twist) Weekend! — A Kinder Way

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Open House Party reminder….

  You know The Cove is always open, but it isn’t everyday that a real Meet & Greet party takes place in the backyard! We’ve already mingled quite a bit, and I think everybody’s having fun (if not, you Lovelies are awesome actors, with a lot of free time on your hands!)… But the party…… Continue reading Open House Party reminder….

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Open House Party in The Cove!

Yes Ma’am and yes Sir! With an exclamation point, nothing less! I was thinking of a way to shake the last of today’s annoyances away, and get my usual Cyranny mojo back… And I told myself, what better way to get in a good mood, than to open The Cove’s door to everybody, set some…… Continue reading Open House Party in The Cove!